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Is your child's school trained in Selective Mutism?

School training on Selective Mutism is so so important.

I cannot stress this enough.

If a child has another condition, schools would be trained in the condition to understand how to support the child in the best way possible, why is Selective Mutism any different?

Especially that there are so many misconceptions about SM, school staff need to receive training on this condition.

And not just your child's keyworker, everyone in the school should have an understanding of what SM is and the general strategies to help. A simple comment like "Are you going to talk to me today?" by a member of staff, can be really damaging to your child's progress. Your child could be walking around on eggshells at school in case they see the adult who always makes a comment about them not talking.

We need to ensure that everyone has received core training, it's imperative.

Just 1 hour and 30 minutes and we can set your child's school up with the core information they need to help your child.

At Confident Children we have created an enjoyable and interactive school training course.

School staff will leave this training with increased understanding of selective mutism, and tangible strategies to support your child. The course is practical and interactive, so that school staff can discuss and apply the information to your child's situation.

The course also includes handouts which should be distributed amongst staff. There is also a parent questionnaire so staff can understand how your child is at home (we know that your child is very different at home, but school staff may not realise this!). Please return the questionnaire to the school ahead of the training so staff have the full picture about your child :)

Click here to find a letter template to give to the school to help persuade them to complete the course.

Click here for the course.

We really hope that your child's school take part in this important training.


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