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Lucy is the founder of Confident Children and a Selective Mutism Specialist. She has supported hundreds of children with SM and absolutely loves what she does. Lucy has 5 published books on SM and has a YouTube channel filled with SM content. 



Jacquie is responsible for our customer service and helps keep Confident Children running smoothly. If you have got in touch with us, you have no doubt received a helpful email from Jacquie. Jacquie liaises with clients ensuring that they are all set for their sessions with us.

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Laura is one of our Selective Mutism therapists. Laura has been working with children with additional needs for over 10 years, and has a real love and passion for working with children with SM. She has been a cherished member of our team since 2019.



Sophie is one of our Selective Mutism therapists. Sophie is an experienced child practitioner, having worked as a primary and early years teacher for 24 years. She believes passionately that every child has a right to access learning at their level and be supported to reach their full potential.

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Lauren is a Clinical Psychologist and also works as a lecturer on the Clinical Psychology doctorate. She can put together reports that parents may need for school or other services and also provides sessions to support with any non-SM related concerns you may have about your child.



Vanessa is a children's senior Speech and Language therapist. Vanessa also works at an NHS SLT service and is responsible for the Selective Mutism caseload at her trust. Vanessa carries out all of the assessments and diagnoses at Confident Children.



Natalie is a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who trained as an SLT after supporting her own son through Selective Mutism from the age of 4. Natalie also has experience and a special interest in supporting teens and young adults with Selective Mutism. 



Sassy is a very important member of our team and has helped many children over the years during Online Therapy Sessions and Direct Therapy Sessions. Sassy likes to move her neck when singing and can even copy what we say! She is very sassy!

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