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Does your child have selective mutism?

Confident Children has a team of practitioners passionate and experienced in Selective Mutism, who are able to support you and your child with Selective Mutism, wherever you are in the world.


We offer a range of services.

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Online Sessions

Our work with a family starts with online sessions with the parent(s). 

As every child with selective mutism is different, during these sessions we gain an understanding of your child and their talking behaviour. We then provide individualised strategies of how to help your child to overcome selective mutism. We support parents internationally on an ongoing basis through online sessions, and we have seen children make incredible strides forward with this support. Please see our Online Session FAQ's here.

Online Therapy Sessions

It is possible for us to work with children online through Online Therapy Sessions. If you are interested in this, please discuss this with your therapist during your Online Sessions. Children often enjoy meeting someone who understands and we can explain how we can help them in a child friendly way. 

Assessment & Diagnosis 

If you are looking for an official Selective Mutism diagnosis for your child, this is something we can help with. The benefits of gaining a diagnosis can be found here. No matter where you are in the world, please do get in touch here with the subject 'assessment and diagnosis'.

Clinical Psychologist Sessions

We know that children with Selective Mutism often have other challenges beyond their SM; separation anxiety, over thinking, difficulty regulating their emotions, difficulty sleeping etc. We have a Clinical Psychologist on our team who can support with additional concerns you may have. Please see a full list of what our Psychologist supports with here. If you are interested in this service please contact us with the subject 'clinical psychologist'.

Parent Coaching

As a parent, it is so easy to focus all your attention on helping your child.

However, getting support for yourself, is important too! Filling your own cup first can put you in a stronger position to help your child. Parent coaching is a powerful way to empower yourself to help your child.  Found out more here.

Online Course for parents

We know how overwhelming it can be to discover that your child has Selective Mutism, so we have created this course as a starting point for you. This course will help to guide you onto the right path to helping your child as soon as possible. More information about this online course can be found here.

SM community exposure

Online School Training 

It is so important that your child's school receives training on Selective Mutism and has a good understanding of what SM is and how to help your child. We have created an Online Course that schools can watch to gain a good understanding of SM. Further information, including  a video about the course, course structure, content, and FAQ can be found here.


We often deliver events, e.g. workshops, Q&A sessions and book reading sessions for children. Subscribe to our website (at the top of this page) and you'll be the first to find out about any events we are running.

Direct Therapy

We have a therapy room in London, where you can bring your child for direct therapy sessions. This way we are able to work directly with your child and implement the strategies to work on their goals. If your child is ready we can also work on community exposures.

​​Home / School Sessions

This depends on whether your location is in one of our therapists areas. If we go ahead, we would discuss the process in detail with you. Essentially this involves working on your child being able to talk to us so that we can then deliver the intervention in school.

Intensive therapy 

This is an extremely comprehensive programme involving spending 6 days with the child either at home or at school.


With the home intensive we spend time both in the family home and going out into the community. This is a form of exposure therapy whereby we guide the child in practicing talking in situations they may not have in the past. This is a small steps programme and we only ever move at the child's pace, but because of the continuous 'dose' of therapy the child may start to achieve success in reaching goals, with the aim of building momentum.


Alongside working with the child, we train parents (in the home intensive) and school staff (in the school intensive) in the  techniques so that they are equipped in continuing the exposures once we leave.  See an example of an intensive week here. ​​

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