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We have a parent coach at Confident Children who supports parents with the challenges that having a child with Selective Mutism may bring.

Coaching can help with:

  • Dealing with the emotions and frustrations of having a child with SM

  • Breaking down the practical tasks into manageable steps

  • Building confidence in your ability to advocate for and support your child

  • And so much more... the session is completely led by you and what you would like to talk about.

Our parent coach is here to:

support you on your journey through Selective Mutism.

To help you to make sense of all the feelings and all the demands, to help you feel empowered to support your child, and to help you to take care of your own emotional wellbeing. 


  • Katrina is a parent of a child with SM

  • She has been a primary school teacher for 18 years

  • She has a degree in Psychology

  • She also holds a Master's degree in Psychology and Neuroscience of mental health

  • She is a qualified coach

  • A qualified Mental Health First Aider

  • Currently, she is undergoing enhanced training in coaching for mental health and wellbeing

When she found out her daughter had Selective Mutism, it was a lot to deal with.


There was a huge range of thoughts and feelings...

Did I do something wrong? Will people judge me? How do I tell friends and family? How do I deal with the frustrations of family members not understanding? What if people think I’m a bad parent? What will my child's future be like? What if they are never able to speak at school? Will my child ever make friends? Am I doing enough to help them? 


Plus the huge range of practical things that she needed to do...


Advocate for her child to get support at school, get a diagnosis, set up playdates, plan the playdates to allow for opportunities to speak, do brave practices at the supermarket, etc.


Suddenly, you need to have all these skills to advocate for and support your child, approach other parents who are total strangers and set up playdates with them, and be your child's voice. Not to mention also keeping on top of the needs of your other children, your job, your relationship and general parenting demands! 

As a parent, it is so easy to focus all your attention on helping your child... but... getting support for yourself is important too! Parent coaching is a powerful way to empower yourself to support your child. Filling your own cup first can put you in a stronger position to help your child.


If you are interested in parent coaching, please send us a message here with the subject: parent coaching. 

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