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Are you looking for a Selective Mutism diagnosis for your child?

We provide virtual assessments and diagnoses for Selective Mutism - we can help you with this where ever you are located in the world!




Getting a Selective Mutism (SM) diagnosis for your child can have several benefits, including:

1. Accurate identification of your child's needs:

A diagnosis of SM identifies clearly what it is your child is struggling with and can rule out other potential causes. A diagnosis explicitly highlights and formalises your child's needs - it tells the school that your child has a diagnosis of Selective Mutism.

2. Access to appropriate support:

With a diagnosis of SM, your child can access appropriate interventions that are specifically designed to address their needs and help them. Essentially, with a diagnosis, your child's need is taken more sseriously. Selective Mutism is a Special Educational Need so once your child has a diagnosis then the school should provide reasonable adjustment to support your child. Some schools prefer to have a diagnosis before implementing additional support, and in cases where a school is not yet supporting a child's needs, a diagnosis helps to formalise the need.

3. Supports with transitions:

A formal diagnosis can also be used to support transitions to a new year group / school, increasing the likelihood of an enhanced transition plan, and establishes a recognised need early on, rather than risking the child being labelled as 'shy'.

4. Improved communication with teachers and other professionals:

A diagnosis can help you communicate effectively with teachers, therapists, and other professionals about your child's needs and develop a plan of action to help support them moving forward.

5. Increased understanding and support from family and friends:

A diagnosis can help family and friends understand your child's difficulties and provide support as you work to help your child overcome their SM.

In summary, a diagnosis of SM can be a crucial first step in identifying and addressing your child's needs, and can help ensure that they receive the appropriate support and interventions they need.

If you are looking for a diagnosis for your child, just drop us a message, with the subject 'Assessment & Diagnosis' and we will be happy to help you with this.


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