Does your child have Selective Mutism?

If you are interested in any of the following support, please contact me here.

Phone/Skype session - 


My work with a family usually starts with a Skype session with parents. As every child with selective mutism is different, during the session I gain an understanding of your child and their talking behavior. I then provide strategies of how to help your child to overcome selective mutism.

Online School Training - 

Selective mutism core training for schools/parents.

Further information, including  a video about the course, course structure and content, and FAQ can be found here.

​​Home Session -

Attending the family home for approximately 2.5hrs.

Session with the child.

Following session with child, meeting with parents to give feedback and recommendations.

This is also a chance for parents to ask advice in terms of how to support their child in overcoming selective mutism.





Intensive therapy - 


This involves spending 5-6 days with the child either at home or at school.


With the home intensive we spend time both in the family home and going out into the community. This is a form of exposure therapy whereby I guide the child in practicing talking in situations they may not have in the past. This is a small steps programme and we only ever move at the child's pace, but because of the continuous 'dose' of therapy the child may start to achieve success in reaching goals, with the aim of building momentum.


Alongside working with the child, I train parents (in the home intensive) and school staff (in the school intensive) in the  techniques so that they are equipped in continuing the exposures once I leave. This is extremely important so that the child continues to make progress. 

See an example of an intensive week here. ​

School training - 

Children with selective mutism require a very specialist approach.
School training includes:
  • What is Selective Mutism
  • What causes the child's anxiety
  • Helping staff to gain a real understanding of what  the child is experiencing
  • Tangible strategies to help children with SM
  • Applying the theory to the specific child's needs
Parent workshops -
Please see upcoming workshops here.

24 hour cancellation policy - 24 hours notice must  be given or the full fee will be charged.