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Parent workshop: how to help your child with

Selective Mutism

SM parent workshop
selective mutism parent support

This is a topic very close to my heart; parents often feel very isolated - the aim of this workshop is to empower parents to realise that there are things that you can to do help your child.

This workshop covers:


-  What is Selective Mutism? (SM)


-  Techniques to support children with SM: the 'sliding in technique' and 'shaping'


-  What the law says: what schools should be doing to support your child

-  Step by step guidelines on how to get the most help from the school

-  What parents can do to help their child


-  What causes Selective Mutism?


- Tangible techniques that you can implement straight away

- A step by step approach on how to support your child in talking to a wider range of people and in a wider range of settings

- Answers to FAQ I receive on a day by day basis

- Interactive activities

- You will be surrounded by other parents of children with Selective Mutism and have the opportunity to share ideas and inspire one another.


My aim is for you to leave this workshop feeling empowered and confident in making tangible steps in supporting your child.




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