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Selective Mutism: How to manage a transition to a new class

April 23, 2019

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How to help a child with selective mutism cope with family gatherings

April 10, 2019


The festive period, Easter and other family gatherings can be lovely, but can also be very anxiety inducing for children with selective mutism. Why?


1.      Visits from extended family and family friends who the child has previously been unable to talk to.


2.      Visiting 'non-verbal' environments, extended families homes', that the child has found it difficult to be verbal in in the past.




What can we do to help a child with selective mutism to be at ease and enjoy these events?


These situations can be a great opportunity to help the child to feel at ease and potentially start to be verbal with new people BUT some planning is necessary.



1.      Brief everyone about selective mutism – they should ask the child no questions at the start and make no comments about the child not talking. People may be well