There are several options for schools who have children with Selective Mutism:


1. Online School Training - 

Selective mutism core training for schools.

Further information, including  a video about the course, course structure and content, and FAQ can be found here.

2. Phone/Skype session - 

A phone or Skype session allows us to discuss the child's selective mutism. As every child with selective mutism is different, during the session I gain an understanding of the specific child and their talking behaviour. I then provide strategies of how to help the child to make steps forward with talking at school.

3. In person school training -  training for school staff on Selective Mutism.  Interventions explained. We discuss the child in depth including what causes their anxiety and tangible strategies to support the child overcoming SM. 

4 . Direct intervention - 

- Meeting with the school to discuss the child

- Observation of the child in class

- School training

- Small steps intervention plan for the school

- Weekly email contact with the allocated keyworker - mentoring the keyworker in delivering the programme.