Overseas work

School Assemblies

Projects in Uganda

Lucy conducts assemblies (or lessons for individual classes) in schools about her experience in Uganda. Showing pictures and telling personal stories about children their age, educates as well as inspires children in the UK.


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What happens in an assembly?


In an assembly, Lucy explains in a very child friendly way her experiences in Uganda. She explains (with personal pictures and videos) that children in Uganda have very little, however, they are very grateful for what they do have. 


In particular, Ugandan children lucky enough to go to school feel very grateful.


It can be quite a shock for English children to learn that in some countries children may not be able to go to school.


It can also lead to children appreciating school more and the facilities that they have here in England.



Children will have the opportunity to ask Lucy questions about how children live in Uganda. This is usually a  very enlightening experience for English children and they often leave feeling grateful, inspired and motivated.

Lucy has appeared on the national News in Uganda as well as in the largest selling newspaper and a variety of other publications, including The Surrey Times in the UK.

Lucy is passionate about raising confidence in children all over the world, even starting an overseas project as a student.


Lucy has developed and implemented a project in Uganda. She worked in a Children's home as a teacher in 2010 where she discussed the needs of the children.



She returned in 2011, after fundraising for a year, and delivered 3 pregnant cows to 3 different children's homes, enabling the children to have milk, and thus nutrition within their diet.



There are many benefits of a cow:


  • Having to look after a cow, the children have learnt important agricultural skills which are vital in Uganda.


  • The children's homes' also use the manure from the cow to grow fruit and vegetables.


  • The children are able to have the milk (and thus nutrition) from the cow within their morning porridge (they previously mixed the porridge with water).


  • The children were promised a cow from Lucy and she kept her promise and returned a year later.


  • The cow can act as a physical pet/friend, providing comfort, to the children who are mostly orphans.