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Would you like help for your child's Selective Mutism?


There are so many ways we can help!

  1. Check out our free YouTube channel and our Facebook Page

  2. Find our Selective Mutism books here

  3. If you are in the early stages, start with our Parent Essentials course here

  4. If your child's school needs training on SM, see our school training course here

  5. If friends and family need more understanding about SM, click here

  6. We have a video audio book for children with SM, which you can find here

  7. If you would like to talk to a therapist about your child's SM and would like guidance on how to help your child, send us a message here

  8. If you are looking for a SM diagnosis for your child, send us a message here with the subject 'Assessment & Diagnosis'

  9. If you would like help with your own wellbeing have a session with our parent coach. Find out more here

  10. If you have additional concerns about your child beyond their SM, find out what our Clinical Psychologist can support with here.


We are specialists in Selective Mutism, and can help you to help your child to overcome SM.

We look forward to helping you further :)

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