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Below are a variety of games that are useful when working with children with Selective Mutism.

The first step is to identify where the child is at in their talking with a particular adult and choose a game accordingly. Remember don't move onto more verbally challenging games until the child is completely comfortable at the current level.

Start with simple single word games. A firm favourite is Dobble and you can get lots of different versions of this! Here are a few options:


Here are some other good options to start with (depending on your child's age and interests):

Top Trumps is also a good single word game. There are lots of different versions (you can get Top Trumps in whatever your child's interests are!), here are some options:

If a child is able to say sentences in front of their keyworker but they need structure in terms of what to say then, here are some good options where there is a clear 'script'.

Once the child is comfortable with these games then you can move onto games whereby there is slightly less structure speech:

Another great game is 'Guess who?'. Here are a few versions:

Additional recommendations from parents who have used these games successfully in sessions:

If any games have worked well for your child, please let us know here! 

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