My name is Lucy Nathanson, I am a Child Therapist and I specialise in working with children with Selective Mutism (SM).


My passion is helping children to realise that:


They are BRAVER than they believe, STRONGER than they seem and SMARTER than they think.

What do I do?

My work is a combination of: working with children directly, providing intervention plans to schools advising on how to support children with SM, delivering training to schools, advising parents in how to support their child and speaking at conferences

I was a speaker at the SMIRA (Selective Mutism Information and Research Association) conference in March 2015 and 2017.

In April 2016 and 2017, I was a speaker at a conference (organised by the University of Silesia) held in Katowice, Poland. My presentations were entitled 'Implementing a small steps programme for working with children with selective mutism' and 'An overview of interventions for children with selective mutism'.

In 2016, I worked on the Brave Buddies programme (an intensive therapeutic programme for children with selective mutism) delivered by the Child Mind Institute in New York City, USA.

In 2017, I worked on the WeSpeak programme at Kurtz Psychology in New York, an intensive therapeutic programme for children aged 11-14 with selective mutism.

I work in the child's school implementing interventions gradually exposing the child to their fear of talking. I also guide and support school based keyworkers in delivering small steps programmes.

My YouTube videos on Selective Mutism have exceeded 100,000 views, my YouTube Channel can be accessed here.

I have developed a selective mutism core online training course for schools, which can be accessed here.

I have published two books on selective mutism.

Understanding selective mutism: a beginners guide can be found here and My name is Eliza and I don't talk at school can be found here.

I also deliver workshops for parents of children with selective mutism with the aim to bring parents together and to share knowledge and experience as well as to advise on interventions and techniques that parents can implement with their children.

On an international level, I offer Skype consultations, having spoken to and supported parents of children with selective mutism from the UK, USA, South Africa, Sweden, the United Arab Emirates and more. In 2018, I co-delivered a workshop in Melbourne, Australia.


My passion and goal is to help as many children with Selective Mutism as possible to find their voice.